Wild Bird Food

  We have to feed our wild birds - we are putting so much pressure on the land, we drive on it, build on it, play on it, garden it, farm it, and increasingly we are leaving less and less space for everything else, birds included.

 The trick is to feed in a way which will give these creatures the maximum nourishment so they build up their strength to survive, to nest build and to rear strong and healthy chicks. 

 At every stage, what they eat and the effort they have to put into finding the right food is crucial. It’s all about food type and quality. During periods of extreme cold some birds have to eat up to 50% of their bodyweight daily just to survive - that can take 85% of the day just searching for food.

The Pet Shop Postie offers a variety of seed blends and individual seeds from two UK suppliers so you can attract a huge varity of birds and support them with high quality feeds.