Dog Chews - Bones & Hooves

Hard Beef Knuckle Bones and Beef Marrow Bones are ideal and the safest for dogs. Chicken, Turkey, and Pork bones are too soft and dangerous for dogs. Dogs love the sensation and taste of chewing bones. Chewing bones releases feel-good endorphins for dogs.

Cow hooves are best for moderate chewers, so use with extreme caution for power chewers. Light chewers will likely get bored with these chews because they’re so tough. Once a cow hoof has been chewed to a small nugget, it’s best to throw it out to prevent your dog from swallowing the last piece. Any dog chew can be harmful, so supervision is key.

Always supervise your dog when she’s chewing on any type of toy or chew even if your dog has chewed these items before.