Dog Training

See also our full range of training treats for your dog.

Clix Recall Line

Clix Long Recall Line
£11.99 - £15.99

Red Halti Training Lead

Halti Training Lead
£9.49 - £12.49

Henry Wag Treat Bag

Henry Wag Treat Travel Bag

Johnsons Anti chew spray

Johnson's Anti Chew spray

Clix dog Treat Bag

CLIX Dog Treat Bag

Mikki Pup Pee Training Pads

Mikki Pup-pee Training Pads
£5.99 - £11.99

Rosewood Pet Stuff Training clicker

Ancol Outside Training Line

Ancol Happy at Heel Outside Training Line

Ancol Mesh Muzzle

Ancol Mesh Muzzle for Dogs
£5.65 - £8.40

Lily's Kitchen Chicken and Beef Training Treats

Yellow Rogz Control Lead

Rogz Control Lead, XLarge