Dogrobes are practical dog drying coats that are perfect to use after outdoor adventures, swimming, training, bathing and working.

Dog lovers love Dogrobes. They really are the easy way to dry your dog.
They keep your dog’s muscles warm and are non-restrictive, allowing your pet to move freely while drying off.
Dogrobes help protect surroundings from wet, muddy shake off – keeping your home and car clean and dry and saving you time and effort cleaning up.

Simple to fit and more effective than a quick towel rub, dogs dry quicker in Dogrobes. Dogs wearing Dogrobes are usually dry in around 30 minutes, making tedious towel drying a thing of the past.

Available in 7 different sizes and from a choice of 8 colours, subject to availability.

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Mini Dogrobe

Toy dogrobe

Toy Dogrobe

XS Dogrobe

XS Dogrobe

Small Dogrobe

Small Dogrobe

Medium dogrobe

Medium Dogrobe

Large dogrobe

Large Dogrobe

XL Dogrobe

XL Dogrobe