Dog Food - Dry

To make it easy to find the dog food you want we have created a series of filters.

You can select one or more filters to limit the range of dog foods shown.

The various filters are:

Life Stage
Breed Size
Product Features

AATU 80/20 Chicken Complete Grain Free
£15.99 - £57.99

AATU 80/20 Duck Complete Grain Free
£19.99 - £65.99

AATU 80/20 Salmon Complete Grain Free

Alpha Gold Moist Muesli 15kg

Alpha High Performance Dog Food 15kg

Alpha Racer Dog Food 15kg

Alpha Sensitive 15kg

Alpha Sporting Puppy Food 15kg

Alpha Worker Maintenance Dog Food 15kg

Applaws Adult Large Breed Chicken
£14.50 - £61.99

Applaws Adult Lite Chicken
£13.99 - £35.99

Applaws Puppy Large Breed Chicken
£14.75 - £59.99