Ancol Mesh Muzzle for Dogs

by Ancol

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The gentle Ancol Mesh Muzzle allows your dog to breathe, pant, and drink normally while protecting others in environments that make your dog nervous.

 Muzzles may also be used to prevent dogs from eating whatever they find while on walks or from licking wounds. 

The nylon mesh is strong and reliable while being soft and comfortable for your dog to wear. There are 8 sizes of Mesh Muzzle available. 

Selecting the correct muzzle for your dog:

1. Use string or fabric tape to measure around your dogs nose. The muzzle must not be tight. Better a little loose than too tight!!

2. Place your forefinger under the string to ensure enough space for your dog to be comfortable – don`t tighten the string, it should be free to move around the dogs nose.

3. Measure the string and check off the muzzle size – if its not an exact match then take to the nearest size.

4. Fit the muzzle on your dog. Check the fit by running your finger inside the noseband. Your dog must be able to pant and have free tongue movement.

Never leave your dog in a muzzle un-supervised.

Size Guide:

Size 0: 11cm around the end of the muzzle , eg Yorkshire Terrier

Size 1: 12cm around the end of the muzzle, eg Jack Russell

Size 2: 15cm round the end of the muzzle, eg Beagle

Size 3: 20cm around the end of the muzzle, eg Labrador

Size 4: 22cm around the end of the muzzle, eg Dobermann

Size 5: 26cm around the end of the muzzle, eg Rottweiler

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