Dog Chews/Treats - Natural Meaty

Natural dog treats and chews are growing in popularity, and with so many health benefits it’s easy to understand why. A hairy rabbit’s ear or duck foot may not sound appetising to you but your dogs will love them.  

Benefits of natural treats

  • Stronger Immunity: Just like us, dogs require a well-balanced diet to stay fit and healthy, natural treats help to give your dogs the range of nutrients that their bodies need. Protein is super important for boosting your dog's immunity and natural treats are rich in protein making them the perfect treats for your pooches.

  • Better Digestion: Dog's stomachs haven’t developed to handle artificial chemicals that are found in a lot of processed dog food. This is one of the key benefits of natural treats – the lack of additives and artificial chemicals means it’s easier for your dog to digest and they’re able to absorb all the important nutrients that their bodies need.

  • Dental and oral health support: Four out of five dogs over the age of three suffer from dental problems. Natural treats are great for keeping your dog's teeth clean, when your dog is chewing on these natural crunch teeth it will help to clean their teeth and get rid of any dirt that’s built up