Easichick Poultry Bedding

by Easichick

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Easichick poultry bedding is manufactured especially for the poultry industry. It has been developed with growers to improve the health and well-being of the birds, in turn, improving yields. Easichick is a wood-based product manufactured to a very high standard.

The Easichick manufacturing process produces a very low dust content, fibre-chip bedding. This is unique to the poultry industry, where most other beddings are a by-product from a process (sawmills, joinery production, etc.). Easichick has been designed in conjunction with poultry farmers, and maximises best practice, durability and cost efficiencies.

During the manufacturing process, Easichick is treated to reduce the bacteria levels (moulds, yeasts, etc.) and reduce the TVC to a specific level, as recommended by poultry veterinarians.

Easichick is guaranteed to be Salmonella and mould free, ensuring quality. No product leaves the factory until satisfactory test results have been received from the laboratory.

**Other animals who benefit from Easichick include: Hens at Home, Pigeons, Cage & Aviary Birds, Commercial Poultry, Turkeys and Small Animals

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