Jacobi Jayne

Where the world’s best birdcare begins

25 years ago we set out to bring more birds to more gardens. We wanted to feed them with better foods from safer, longer-lasting feeders. And we wanted to give them warm, secure homes to roost and raise a family.

Together with our friends around the world we’ve created the best birdcare range you’ll find anywhere.

Choose super-strong feeders that can be cleaned in an instant. Solve a big problem with the feeder that’s guaranteed 100% squirrel proof. Offer quality nesting spaces that birds keep returning to year after year. Up the calorie count with honest, proven foods that boost birds’ energy levels and cut costly waste.

Flutter Butter® Feeder

Flutter Butter® Feeder

Flutter Butter® Window Feeder

Flutter Butter® Window Feeder

Cedar Openfronted Nest Box

CedarPLUS OpenFront Nest Box

Squirrel Buster

The Squirrel Buster

The Official Woodcrete Nest Box

Ring Pull Seed Feeders

Ring-Pull Seed Feeder

Foodtube, ready filled bird feeder


Flutter butter 3 pods

Flutter Butter® Pods - Pack of 3